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150 No Background
By Beth Dawson


By Beth Dawson

Beth Dawson an OCAD student created the 150 Reasons why we love Canada logo for VIBE Arts. The 150 Logo design incorporates the traditional Canadian flag colours to reflect the Canadianidentity and a sky-scape which depicts our iconic Canadian geese soaring across the sky. 

Beth was so moved by the process of thinking of what she most loved about Canada that her reflection of why she loved Canada resulted in the creation of the watercolour piece on the right of this page. She created a heart-shaped landscape that is supported by Canada’s deeply rooted love and acceptance for each other. The rainbow represents Canada’s foundation which was built on layers of diversity, multiculturalism, and inclusion. The vibrant colours from coast to coast bring out the mosaic feature of Canada’s landscape.

Beth is a Toronto-based Illustrator and Fine Artist. She is currently in her fourth year pursuing her Bachelor of Design degree in the Illustration program at OCAD University. She is a true multi-disciplinary artist, and her 8 years of experience in teaching children’s programs throughout numerous camps, community centres, and art galleries has informed the nostalgic qualities in her work and has further developed her artistic skills and artistic direction. She is currently a VIBE Arts summer placement student. 
Instagram: bethdawsonart

You too can share your love of Canada through visual art, music, dance, writing, or whatever talented creative means you have, we want to hear and see what you got. Please send your works by e-mail to or tag us through social media.



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