‘150 Reasons I Love Canada’ Launches

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On July 1st, 2016 the 150 Reasons campaign was launched for the year long celebration of Canada’s 150th Birthday. Canada is known as a peaceful nation so it isn’t any surprise that, “The Dominion of Canada wasn’t born out of revolution, or a sweeping outburst of nationalism. Rather, it was created in a series of conferences and orderly negotiations, culminating in the terms of Confederation on 1 July 1867″(The Canadian Encyclopedia). The confederation of Canada brought the four divided provinces of Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick together. The unity of these provinces spawned the growth of what we have today of 10 provinces, and 3 territories that each have their own distinct attributes.

13592804_1058565020846499_2950509195111744186_nThe project asks children and youth across Canada to share their love for Canada through creatives means be it visually, physically, literary, and musically. The project will capture the top 150 REASONS we love Canada.  From the smell of grass in the spring, to our favourite sports teams, to freedom and our first toboggan ride, these reasons will be brought to life by  Toronto youth on 6 x 4 feet repurposed ad panels in the TTC subway stations. The 60 murals will be up for 8 weeks during Summer 2017.

PATTISON have generously donated $100,000 in-kind media to exhibit art created by youth from some of  Toronto’s most under-resourced communities.  The project entitled, 150 REASONS WE LOVE CANADA, is led by Vibe Arts, a grass-roots charity providing opportunities for marginalized youth so that they can engage meaningfully in free high quality arts education.  VIBE Arts works in schools, community centers, public housing, hospitals, hospices,  shopping malls and shelters – anywhere young people are found.

Celebrating the birthday of Canada we are aware of the land that was here before us and respect and acknowledge the original caretakers of this land. The celebration of Canada’s 150 is about the nation’s growth and what it has become today, everyday Canada grows with the people that represent the diversity. It may have not been the best right from the start but Canada is a nation of conscientious people pushing forward, allowing for dialogue, and change to occur.

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